TENT - Responsibility and Privilege

CЕ TENT is the stronghold of Serbian electric power industry. With installed capacity of 3,288 MW, which represents one third of installed power of EPS, and with production of over 19 billion kWh/year, which is 50% of total produced electric power in Serbia, TENT’s thermal unit's are; a powerful energy source. Such significance also entails responsibility of CE TENT. High availability, reliability and safety of operations are the 'constant attributes of the production process. Modernization, with revitalization of plants and permanent activities related to the increase of energy efficiency, in the first 10 years of operation resulted in increase in production by over 3.2 billion kWh/year, with savings in coal of 400,000 Hons per year. Activities related to increase in power and energy efficiency, which would be taken in the existing unit's during the subsequent phase of revitalization (2011-2015), would ensure a new leap in the production of iglectric power by another 3.5 billion kWh/year and further savings in coal of 500.000 t/year.

From its Own capacities, CE TENT already provided increased production equivalent to a new unit with power of 400 MW, and its task by 2015 is to increase that production by another new unit of 400 MW, which would increase the production to over 23 billion kWh/year. The funds invested so far in the first phase, and those that will be invested in the second phase, have been used exceptionally well and are significantly lower than what would be necessary to build a new unit with power of 800 MW.

From the first moment, revitalizations are accompanied by activities on environmental protection, decrease of emission of solid particles, reconstruction of electrostatic precipitators, decrease of negative effects of maintaining ashes :on landfills, decrease in emission of nitrogen oxides, desul-furization, etc. The ultimate goal is to comply with all EU environmental regulations are complied with after 2015, which will ensure appropriate protection of the environment and health of people on the highest level.

The basis for strategic thinking and acting is made by people, generations of hard workers who built their knowledge and creativity into CE TENT. Working in TENT is a privilege, but also big responsibility. The permanent duty of all employees is to maintain and improve the significance and reputation of TENT in the future.