The new transformer for the Unit A3 (235 kV/15 kV, 400 MVA, total weight of 260 tones) arrived on 3rd of June from Zagreb to Thermal Power Plant „Nikola Tesla“ A in Obrenovac. After successful transport, unloading and mounting, it will be placed into, in advance, prepared box, where it will wait the moment to take own place.

Contractor and deliverer is Siemens Inc., Belgrade, the producer is Siemens’s factory Končar Power Transformers Inc., Zagreb and total value of this contract is about 1.8 million Euros.

- What we haven’t got till now, and in this one we have, is monitoring the system for following the temperature of HP and LP windings and magnetic core, than, for following partial discharging of transformer during operation as well as total monitoring of the system for gas content into oil, explain the experts from TPP NT A.

As it was announced, the new block transformer at the Unit A3 installation will be done during this year’s repairing works which are foreseen to be executed in autumn.


(Friday, 5th of June, 2015)