Project presentation of dense ash disposal for TPP NT A


On 5th of June, experts from Mining Institute L.t.d. from Belgrade presented completed project of new ash disposal system for TPP NT A. Members of CE TPP NT management and engineers from TPP NT A (who deal with this problem) attended the presentation of dense system of ash and slag collecting, transport and disposal which was held in the meeting room at administration building. The dense ash disposal, as Mr Miroslav Tomašević, Director of System Improvement emphasised, is strategic and investing project at PE EPS which will be, together with desulphurisation, realised in due time at TPP NT A.

Completed project of new ash disposal system at TPP NT A (where is the ration water and ash 1:1) has been made of innovating general design with feasibility study and assessment of environmental impact study. According to Mr Predrag Lukić, project manager for dense ash disposal, there are four basic reasons for innovation the previous project made in 2010: increasing the power at three units at TPP NT A and therefore, increased quantities of ash disposal; merging the technologies for ash disposal and gypsum disposal as by-product of future flue gas desulphurisation system; decision that, unlike the ash disposal system at TPP NT B, ash from the boiler till collecting silos is going to transport together with slag; and replacing the facility location for building the silos for ash and slag, in order to allow that coal dump could receive even larger quantities of lignite than it has been projected.

However, the essence of this project, as it was stated during presentation, represents the merging of technologies for desulphurisation and ash disposal. The solution made by the Mining Institute in Belgrade foresees that on ash disposal site is going to be disposed mixed gypsum and hydro mixture of ash and slag regardless when and in what order these projects systems are going to be finished. In this way, cost savings of more than 8 million Euros has been realised, while later, during maintaining and manipulation, cost savings would be around 20 million Euros. Since this is the first done in Serbia to merge two technologies and mix two by-products (ash and gypsum), previously the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection gave the approval. Also this project has been supported by KfW bank which gives the credit in the amount of 46 million Euros while PE EPS ensures 10 million Euros.

Innovative Project of the new ash disposal system for TPP NT A has been already submitted to PE EPS in required time. Till 19th of June, experts from PE EPS will submit their reports to the Board of Experts at PE EPS which will shortly give their opinion about the Project.


(Friday, 5th of June, 2015)