The Unit B2 at TPP NT B connected on the grid


Yesterday at 16:16, the Unit B2 has been synchronised on the electrical grid of Serbia after successfully finished standard repairing works which were executed in predicted time limit of 45 days. According to Mr Ilija Radovanović, main chief at production department at TPP NT B, the Unit reached its nominal power of 620 MW and it operates stably.

- The greatest works which have been performed on this Unit were mounting and putting into voltage of new block transformer of 725 MVA and replacing combs at rotary air preheaters at LUV. The overhaul started on 25th of April, 2015 and with yesterday’s synchronisation, it was successfully finished, as it was planned and foreseen, said Mr Ilija Radovanović.


(Tuesday, 9th of June, 2015)