Invested funds from donations responsibly and efficiently spent

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Vice-President of European Commission Mr Maroš Šefčović and Head of the European Union Delegation of the Republic of Serbia Mr Michael Davenport, together with their associates, today have been in their working visit at CE TPP NT. Mr Aleksandar Antić, Ministry of Mining and Energy, Mr Aleksandar Obradović, General Manager of PE EPS, Mr Mihailo Nikolić, Acting Manager at CE TPP NT and Mr Milan Petković, Deputy Manager at CE TPP NT welcomed this High Delegation from Europe. That was the opportunity for guests to make sure on the spot what have been done from 2001 till today, on the rehabilitation of electric power facilities and improving their energy efficiency as well as on improving and environmental protection for which realisation European Union in donations, through IPA programmes, invested more than 200 million Euros.

- Money has been responsibly and wisely spent, it has been invested into projects which are directly supported by IPA funds by which realisation the energy efficiency of our units has been improved, and environmental protection has been also improved. EPS will continue, together with cooperation and support of Government of the Republic of Serbia, to work even more responsibly and to invest more into projects which will improve energy power efficiency in Serbia, emphasised Mr Aleksandar Obradović, General Manager at PE EPS, saying thanks to all technical and financial support which we received from EU lately.

For Mr Aleksandar Antić, Ministry of Mining and Energy at Government of the Republic of Serbia, this visit represents significant day for Serbian energy sector and opportunity that in direct dialogue with the most significant representative of European Commission for energy, to define and determine mutual priorities and above all, to talk about the future of energy power in Serbia and questions about common interests for Serbia as candidate for EU as well as for EU itself.

- During last few years, we made significant breakthrough regarding to European regulations implementation. Adopting the new Energy Law, Serbia completely implemented all directives which were our obligation. From 1st of January 2015 we applied the third energy package, and we made significant step forwards getting in order our Public Enterprises, primarily I mean at PE “Srbijagas” and PE “EPS”. PE “EPS” is in final phase of restructuring which will ensure that it operates as one modern organised company, organised on European values and criteria, emphasised Mr Antić, the minister.

Mr Maroš Šefčović, Vice-President of European Commission and huge expert in energy sector emphasised that Serbia has been developing in a right and excellent direction when we talk about energy sector. On this occasion he said that he was impressed with accomplished results in previous period, when this power plant with financial support from EU transformed in more efficient facility.

- I am honoured that I can state that European money has been well used and that the life quality of the people are significantly improved, which is very important, said Mr Maroš Šefčović.

During the visit, guests visited control room at the Unit A3 and electrostatic precipitator facility at the Unit A6, accompanied by a large number of journalists. In the end of the visit, presentation about the projects which were realised from EU donations via IPA funds in period between 2001 and 2015 in this economic society has been held.

According to Mr Mihailo Nikolić, Acting Manager at CE TPP NT, European Union participated with almost 200 million Euros via IPA funds in financing the rehabilitation of the Units, A5 in TPP “Kolubara”, A3 in TPP NT and A5 in TPP NT and also into implementation the new ash disposal system at TPP NT B. One part from European Union donations given in mentioned period were used for realisation a few ecological projects – reducing particulate emissions into flue gases at the Units A6, B1 and B2. He also emphasised that in the period 2011-2013, project CEMS has been realised which aim was compliance with the Directive EU 2001/80, LCPD and European standards. In this project was invested 1.7 million Euros.

Mr Nikolić emphasised that one of the next projects which should be realised is building the facility for waste water treatment at TPP NT A and TPP NT B in order to, all water contaminated during technological process in power plant, process and bring into level which ensure further clearly usage of natural resources in regard to quality, quantity and purpose. For building these facilities, EU will invest, also via IPA funds, means in total amount of more than 13 million Euros for both projects. 

(Wednesday, 10th of June, 2015)