Justify the epithet of the most successful in Belgrade

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In special blood donation held on 18th of June at Thermal Power Plant “Nikola Tesla A” in Obrenovac, participated 60 employees and it was provided the same number of units of these precious liquid. Among them who donated blood, there were 7 women and 2 new blood donors. For participating in this June action, 65 of employees were registered, but 5 of them had to drop due to medical reasons. According to explanation of medical team from the Blood Transfusion Institute, mostly it were tiredness and hypertension, which are common health problems for workers who work in shifts, specially when we know that it is the overhauls season.

Traditionally good response was this time as well, and in the action participated, equally with the employees at TPP NT, the employees from contractors companies, PRO TENT, Goša Montaža TE “Kosovo“ Obilić… . There were also a few pensioners who even they stopped actively to work, they continue their human mission.

TPP “Nikola Tesla” A has justified the epithet of the most successful domestic company by the number of blood donators for 2014, which it received a price by the Red Cross Belgrade on 12th of May 2015.

Otherwise, from the beginning of this year, at the biggest factory for producing electric power in the Balkans, three blood donation actions were realized where around 250 blood donors participated.


(Thursday, 18th of June, 2015)