TPP “Kolubara A”, Veliki Crljeni


It was built in the immediate vicinity of the surface mines with the same name, from where it is supplied with coal. It is the oldest active plant in the system of the Electric Power Distribution of Serbia. With its five unit's, with total installed power of 270 megawatts, at that time it was the largest power facility in the country. It was commissioned in 1956, namely its two turbo aggregates of 32 megawatts. In 1960, it was enhanced by additional 65 megawatts, and already a year later, in 1961, another 32 megawatt turbo aggregates was commissioned. The power of this plant was then increased to the total of 161 megawatt. Within the limits of the existing power plant, a new 110 megawatt plant was commissioned in 1979.

PP "Kolubara" location